Dear 1D I’m still waiting for an acoustic album

Harry & Liam at the Fasano Hotel pool in Brazil  - May 8th


having a favorite band is rough bc they make u so so happy but they sometimes make u a little too happy. sad even. crying. sometimes u cry. sometimes the love is too strong 


*wakes up* what the fuck


i wanna meet the male version of me 

Two Bananas for a Euro

august 29th, 1993.


"I worry about meeting somebody who’s truthful and is a hundred percent just there because of me. I just don’t like the idea of somebody liking me because of this and not because of me. And it’s hard to retract to think, ‘If I didn’t have all this, would this person like me or not?"

Happy 21st birthday, Liam James Payne! (August 29, 1993)

@bengineerbutton: #Happy21BirthdayLiam 🎉🎸🇬🇧vocals always perfection🙌 & always giving it his all for you guys at these shows! Don’t forget to show him love today for his bday guys, cuz he always does for u😁 #Wembley